Rochester Hills, MI Chiropractic Auto Accident Treatment

Rochester Hills, MI auto injury recovery and treatment by Dr. DaltonEach year, there are millions of auto collisions in the world, and a substantial number of men and women get hurt in a car wreck. Although most accidents are "minor," chronic spine pain are still common health problems. The good news is that chiropractic care is a great way to treat these kinds of injuries.

We've helped many auto accident patients in our Rochester Hills, MI office, and Dr. Dalton has been helping people with these types of problems since 2002. During a car wreck, your body is exposed to large forces that it simply wasn't built to deal with. These forces put strain and stress on your neck, shoulder, and back, and can cause injury to the ligaments that hold your spinal column together. A collision can trigger a wide range of pain problems.

A ligament tear in the neck can cause pain, swelling, and radicular problems in the arm and hand. Chiropractic works well for these types of injuries, because chiropractic focuses on restoring the healthy function and mobility of the injured tissues.

Dr. Dalton Can Help Clients Recover From an Auto Accident

Dr. Dalton, your Rochester Hills, MI chiropractor, can assist by reducing inflammation in the injured area and can help decrease the creation of scar tissue that can cause chronic pain and disability.

You don't have to suffer from auto injury pain. Discover more about how we can help you get well or call Dr. Dalton today at (248) 977-7039.

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    Chiropractors, often considered alternative or complementary medicine practitioners, are primary care doctors who focus on good health through proper nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle factors. The chiropractic philosophy is based on the idea that when nerves emerging from the spinal cord are compromised (known as a subluxation), the affected individual might experience pain, disability and an overall decrease in the quality of life.