Chiropractic Effective for Back Problems and the SI Joint

Rochester Hills Chiropractic Therapy Effective for Pain in the Sacroiliac Joint

We treat a good number of patients with back pain in our Rochester Hills office, and Dr. Dalton finds that several cases of back issues originate in the sacroiliac (SI) joint. Investigation has demonstrated that around 25% of all back pain starts out in the SI joint, and now fresh research ratifies what we have observed in our clinic: chiropractic is an effective way to treat this issue.

Research Shows Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Increase Movement in the SI Joint

In the study published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, thirty-two women who suffered from sacroiliac joint syndrome were separated into two groups and asked to take part in one of two treatment therapies. one group went through a chiropractic adjustment isolated to the sacroiliac joint, and the second group had an adjustment to the sacroiliac joint and the lumbar spine.

Scientists found significantly more improvements in both pain and movement immediately following treatment, two days later, and 30 days later for the group who underwent high-velocity low-amplitude manipulation to both the sacroiliac joint and the lumbar spine. This shows that chiropractic therapy administered in these two areas offers both short term and continuing results for sacroiliac joint pain sufferers even after only a single treatment session.

Therefore, if you are suffering with sacroiliac joint problems, or have back and leg issues and would like to see if your sacroiliac joint is the root, a visit to our Rochester Hills office could be the first and best step towards improvement. Give our office a call today at (248) 977-7039.

Kamali F, Shokri E. The effect of two manipulative therapy techniques and their outcome in patients with sacroiliac joint syndrome. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies 2012;16(1):29-35.

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